Advantages of Etherium Mixer

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Advantages of Etherium Mixer

What is the Etheric mixer and why it is needed

Internet users performing various cryptocurrency operations usually tend to achieve maximum privacy. However, it is not always real, since innovative technology blockchain allows you to easily trace a person. Transactions with such types of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Etherium, are well-known. Only one transaction can see the entire history of manipulations performed by a specific user for a certain period of time.
In order to achieve maximum anonymity while performing a variety of transactions with cryptocompany, a special program can be used — a mixer. She was ordinarized several years ago and is the best solution for those who want to preserve the anonymity of their operations.
The main features of the mixer, or mixer for cryptocurrencies:
The principle of operation is based on the fact that money from several pseudoanonimate users is mixed with each other;
Mixing occurs after the transaction is received to the address assigned address;
In the process of encryption, the data on the user and its transactions are hidden by the method of committing cryptographic mathematical actions;
After the end of the mixing becomes impossible to identify the user and the amount of the transaction.
In the process of mixing transactions, the mixer takes approval with zero disclosure. This allows you to mislead users and configure deposit assets. With the help of a smart contract, a certain level of transparency is supported. The third parties are allowed to check the quality of the functioning of these agreements, while the secrecy of users is completely preserved.

Unique hash

When the client contributes its money deposits for mixing, a secret word and secret hash are formed for it. Then they are sent to the Smart Contract and added to the deposit group. If the client wants to withdraw funds, it must indicate the proof (on the same principle as the key); This proof is equivalent to a secret word that allows you to unlock a specific hash from the general list.
In order to increase the degree of secrecy and privacy, you can use the following secret browsers: Tor; I2P; Crowds.
Confidential software is absolutely decentralized. It does not correlate with third parties that take responsibility for the assets of the user or have administrator rights to violate the mixing process.
Ether Mixers

Advantages of Etherium Mixer

The Etherumer Platform Mixer gives the full anonymity of the user in the event of sending transactions. In this case, the connection is destroyed by the address of the one who refers to cryptocurrency, and who receives it. The output of money cannot be correlated with the sender. Sobility is carried out with the help of complex smart contracts. To send deposits to a new address, keys or evidence are used to be provided by the user during the deposit.

Vitaly Buderin about mixing anonymity

The first initiator of the development of the mixing of Etherium became a well-known domestic specialist in cryptocurrency Vitalik Biderin. The essence of his idea was that many customers are interested in hiding their activity in the technology blockchain during the shipment of Etherium. The idea was originally focused on single anonymous operations, not suggesting privacy at the network level as a whole. Biderin believes that at the moment the clients are available two methods of making transactions. If the transaction settings are made by default, users are obtained and sent to cryptocurrency from the same account, so all their actions are fixed in a single blockchain chain. In addition, it is possible to carry out transactions using several deposits at the same time. However, with the help of this method, hide activity in the blockchain is not easy. According to Buderina, today customers can make transactions one of two ways. «By default» customers are sent and get cryptocurrency from one account, which means that all manipulations are displayed in the open block. Also clients can carry out transactions through several profiles, but this is not the best solution to hide operations in the blockchain. Buderin declares: when customers make transactions to send cryptocurrencies, all ties are visible in the blockchain. To achieve privacy, he proposed the creation of two smart contracts — a repeater and mixer. With their help, the client will be able to select private transactions using private set. This method, according to Buderina, is recognized as the most efficient and optimal for most internet visitors, regularly performing operations with Etherium.

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