Best Bitcoin Mixers for Anonymous Transactions

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Best Bitcoin Mixers for Anonymous Transactions


Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler) is an Internet resource with which the user can make an anonymous transaction in the Bitcoin system. Tracking a transaction conducted through the Bitcoin-mixer is not real, even despite the fact that it is recorded in the general register of the blockchain.

As a famous feature of Bitcoin cryptocurrency anonymity. However, all transactions are very easy to track, so you need bitcoin mixers for this.

Top 6 best and reliable mixers for anonymization cryptocurrency

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1. Mixtum

Mixtum is a unique mixer that promises a higher level of anonymity than competitors. And all, because this mixer has 3 stages of the mixing process:

1. Coins are sent to a preliminary mixer and mixed with other means.

2. After that, Bitcoin coins are credited to investor accounts on stock exchanges, where they additionally interfere with the money traders. The site applies a unique algorithm for the choice of investors and distributing funds between them to achieve the highest level of anonymity.

3. Funds are charged on an intermediate electronic before returning to your address. Characteristic data Supports: BTC; Chargeable Commission: from 4% to 5% + 0.00015 BTC; Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC;

Manual commissioning of the commission;

The number of supported addresses is from 2 or more;

Confirmation — from 1-5;

Does not store logs;

Registration is not needed;


2. Bitmix.

One of the most age bitcoin mixers with a good 100% automated algorithm. Bitmix, an excellent selection of cryptocurrency, including BTC, LTC and DASH. The main advantage of the platform is the ability to perform instantaneous translations.

Characteristic data

Supports: BTC, LTC, DASH; Chargeable Commission — 0.4% + 0.0005 BTC for each additional address;

The minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC;

Commission control — there; Additional addresses — up to 5;

Confirmation — from 1 to 6;

Does not store logs, for this can not provide them with anyone on request;

Registration — no;



The basis of the service is the developed Bitcoin.mixer 2.0 algorithm. In accordance with the selected tariff, it provides two degrees of protection, and also has a block from obtaining parts of own coins. The time of depleting bitcoins can reach up to 6 hours.

Characteristic data

Supported cryptocurrency: Bitcoin;

2 different methods for mixing;

Challenged Commission — 1 Tariff: «Mixer»: Commission 1-1.5% + 0.00008 BTC. Disconnected coins come from the VIP clients of the mixer. The degree of protection is low. 2 Tariff: «Full anonymity»: Commission 4-5% + 0.00015 BTC. Clean cryptocurrency comes from foreign exchange. Degree of protection — high;

The number of addresses is 1-2;

NO LOG policy — there;

Registration is not needed;



Another option of good bitcoin mixer. Takes random tariffs 1-3%. Allows you to use a bonus program in terms of mixing in 0.5% as well as the use of referral links. Of the minuses: there are two-factor authentication with PGP. But you can install automatic removal of coins to not return to the system again.

Characteristic data

Chargeable Commission — from 0.5% to 2.5% + 0.0001 BTC for each additional address;

The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC; Commission control — no;

The number of confirmations necessary — 3;

Additional output addresses — up to 8;

The number of necessary confirmations is 6;

NO LOG policy is present;

Registration — no.



This resource represents itself as a bitcoin mixer with large turns. Clean tools gives out of its own huge stock in 2000 BTC. Has a mobile version and a nice interface. Also, a significant advantage is: a permanent affiliate program that pays up to 50% of referral translations.

Characteristic data

Work with cryptocurrency — BTC;

Commission’s size — from 0.5% to 3% + 0.0005 BTC for each additional address;

Minimum deposit amount — 0.001 BTC;

The control of commissions is;

Additional addresses — up to 10;

Only 1 confirmation is required;

NO LOG policy is present;

Without registering.



One of the few mixers supporting several cryptocurrency: Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash. List of supported cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC;

Charged Commission — 0.5% to 3.5%;

Minimum transaction amount: 0.01 BCH, 0.1 ETH, 1 LTC, 0.005 BTC;

Output addresses: 10;

Confirmations are required: from 1 to 50 confirmations;

Registration — no;


Does not store data on transactions and visits to users. So, in this article we have listed the best Bitcoin mixers of 2021- 2022, and also described their most important and characteristic features.


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